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Эта статья вышла в номере журнала "Сигнон" (Стиль) посвященном русскому стилю в моде и в глобальном пространстве вообще. Под вашей работой написано: "Национальный символ России - медведь" и указано что фото сосканоровано из книги "Russian Style" Assouline Publishers

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“Stars Draw” for children’s charity

05 October, 2009, 13:52

Paintings by Russia’s leading designers will be sold at a charitable auction in Moscow on October 29 to help children in medical-social institutions across Russia.

The “Stars Draw” art project was created in 2006. It attracts the attention of showbiz stars, politicians, artists and sportsmen to the problems of disabled children and those from disadvantaged families, and their education. The aim is to provide them with material assistance.

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This year’s project features mostly leading Russian designers painting for an auction. The money gained will be sent to aid 28 different children’s institutions.

This year’s theme for designers is “space without distance.” Among those are conceptual paintings by Alena Akhmadullina, Masha Tsigal, Igor Chapurin, Denis Simachev, Slava Zaitsev and many others. Andrey Bartenev, for example, made a painting of ballerina’s with ears like the famous Russian cartoon bear Cheburashka.

The author of the "space without distance" theme says it was chosen on purpose to show how in this changing world distances get smaller and people are getting closer together.

“Every one of us is connected to the whole planet,” Maria Milyutina says.

In previous years, other notable figures such as writer Darya Dontsova, politician Irina Hakamada, ex-Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova, figure skater Maria Butyrskaya, and also world famous couturier Paco Rabanne have taken part in the project.