Saturday, September 26, 2009

Workshop and presentation. Theatrical Academy. Norway

First class actors and scenographers present results

of their workshop with the artist Andrey Bartenev.

From workshop description:

General aims

Within this component, the students explore characteristics of space practically and

theoretically. It contains the analysis of any given space as well as the free and distinct

creation of space. A space is always there and inherently bound to time. The students will

study the potential of a space, the objects it contains and by which it is defined and the

movements inside it. The aim of this key laboratory component is for the students to learn

to communicate with space and objects in relationship to it.

Specific aims

Russian theatre and installation artist Andrey Bartenev will develop space defining objects

and costumes with the students. The aim is to better understand how sculptural elements

and cloths can create a space and keep it in permanent change. Movements of

protagonists and objects shape a space in flux.

NB! Restricted number of seats. Booking of tickets to

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